Call the SAFEline at 417.864.7233 (SAFE) or 1.800.831.6863

  • The Harmony House SAFEline provides crisis intervention as well as access to services and referrals.  Calls are answered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by trained and compassionate staff and volunteers.

Shelter Services  

Harmony House helps empower survivors to rebuild safe, independent lives.

  • Harmony House operates a 110 bed facility to provide temporary safe shelter and support to survivors of domestic violence and their children escaping domestic violence. In addition to a safe place to stay, we offer an array of program services, supply meals, clothing and personal hygiene products.
  • Eight Transitional Housing apartments are available for some clients as they transition out of emergency shelter.
  • Harmony House Boutique is designed to help provide essentials such as clothing, personal hygiene items, household items and furniture.
  • Harmony House Program Services include case management, support groups, life skills and parenting classes, childcare, referrals and transportation.
  • For those that need support but not shelter, we also provide Other Services/Outreach.
  • For more information please contact Angela Shelley at 837-7700 or

Program Services

Everyone deserves a life free from violence.

Harmony House Program Services include case management, support groups, life skills and parenting classes, childcare, referrals, legal advocacy and transportation.

For more information please contact Angela Shelley at 837-7700 or

Case Management

  • Case management can assist with goal setting and working to reach client goals including housing, safety planning, individual or family counseling referrals and other needs as they arise.
  • Survivors are not alone in their journey of reconnecting with what they have lost because of violence at home. Our case managers will walk with them as they turn their lives around.


  • Referrals are made for medical, substance abuse, psychological care, employment, education, legal and housing assistance that help survivors work to establish abuse free lives.
  • The Children’s program centers on child Domestic Violence survivors and their unique physical, mental, emotional and educational needs.


  • Children experience a safe, secure environment. Topics and programs are designed to address the child’s development needs, both physical and emotional. School children are provided with tutoring in shelter if their safety is an issue.

Support Groups

  • Support Groups are designed to bring survivors together who have suffered domestic abuse. Regardless of where they are in the healing process, all are welcome. The goal of the group is to allow survivors of all different histories to share their ideas, tips, resources and coping skills.

Life Skills and Classes

  • Classes are available on a number of subjects including codependency, domestic violence, budgeting, parenting, etc.

Legal Advocacy

  • Court advocate staff and trained volunteers work with survivors filing Ex Partes and Orders of Protection. Staff also make referrals to community and legal resources as needed.

Other Services/Outreach

Don't Need Shelter?

  • Outreach support and case management services are available to those who do not need shelter services and to those survivors who leave Harmony House but wish to remain connected to supportive services.  Whether they need referrals to other services, legal advocacy, domestic violence groups or other help, our outreach case manager helps them with their needs.
  • For more information please contact Brittney Walker at 837-7700 or 

Community Education

Presentations & Workshops

  • Presentations and educational workshops are provided to the community about Domestic Violence issues and prevention efforts by expert staff from Harmony House.
  • Speakers are available to area schools, churches and civic organizations to provide prevention education and promote awareness on family violence and the services offered by Harmony House.
  • In-service programs and professional training workshops are also provided to law enforcement personnel, health care providers and social service agencies.
  • For more information please contact Esther Munch at 837-7700 or

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